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Together We’re Better

Wealth is a byproduct of accomplishing goals through tackling passions with a focused commitment. Hiking the Inca Trail, seeing the Northern Lights, or wherever your interests lead you can be made possible with a comprehensive, yet flexible plan that includes the steps necessary to make your next footprint in the world. Using our “Participation with Protection” approach, we’ll ensure your wealth expands by developing a portfolio of investments diversified by global asset class to meet your unique needs. In support of your Wealth Management needs, we offer “Life Planning” services such as our “Fit-To-Retire” process and providers, as well as more traditional financial planning services. Ultimately, anything is possible with little bit of grit, but most importantly, a lot of guidance.

Participation with Protection

Peace of Mind & Money Matter.

Understanding how to invest your money to maximize returns while managing risk may sound like a difficult task, but we believe our team at Webster Investment Advisors has been effective in implementing this risk/return balance for our clients for over thirty years. Our money management philosophy is based on a model developed by founder Bob Webster that strives to provide the returns and diversification that our clients desire with the risk management they need to sustain returns even in tough economic conditions. “Participation with Protection” is the focus of our service to you, and the core component of our strategy is the use of "non-correlated" investment managers. To implement our "Participation with Protection" strategy, we have hand-selected an entire team of professionals,including institutional asset allocation strategists, distinguished academics and several well-known and not-so-well-known traders in equities, bonds and futures.

Allocation Strategy

The Key: Finding Unique Non-Correlated Baskets.

Investment diversification within asset classes has always been wise, but it may not be enough. As reported in the Financial Analysts Journal, asset class selection accounts for the majority of investment success, rather than the selection of individual investments within that particular sector. The Nobel Prize for Economics in 1990 was awarded for proof that total return increases, and risks are reduced, when portfolios have asset categories that are essentially non-correlated. Therefore, the challenge has moved beyond "don’t put all your eggs in one basket" to finding unique baskets—such as managed futures and tactical timers—that are distinctly different from one another. Even if you diversify into stocks, bonds and real estate, you may not obtain enough non-correlation. However, over-diversification can turn your investments into an “index,” a strategy that runs the risk of mediocrity.

While this diversification concept is not likely new to you, we believe that it is our ability to diversify, in a simple, non-correlated fashion that makes Webster Investment Advisors unique to the universe of investment advisors. More importantly, this real-world approach to you means having a greater understanding, having a greater feeling of confidence and having comfort in being in a strong relationship with seasoned advisors.

There is no certainty that any investment strategy will be profitable or successful in achieving your investment objectives.

Life Planning

Planning: Being your Quarterback.

For those clients who desire financial guidance in addition to asset management, we provide financial planning services. Our approach is one of “Life Planning,” a process designed to potentially achieve lifestyle objectives while also focusing on specific financial needs.

Our involvement can be as simple as setting a stated rate of return to be sought through a basic asset allocation approach. It can be as specific as a look at retirement projections, education funding, business transfers, estate planning, charitable strategies and insurance planning. Once the client decides on the course they need, we implement the plan together and then reevaluate on a regular basis.

While we help clients develop projections and strategies, for specific tax, legal and estate planning matters, as "Quarterback" we'll work closely with your existing professional advisory team or refer them to advisors who we believe can meet their needs.

Webster Investment Advisors can assist clients with full investment and brokerage services including:

  • Professionally managed equity, fixed income and alternative investment accounts
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Insurance including estate replacement, business transfer, long term care and disability
  • Qualified retirement plans including SEP, Simple IRA, Roth and 401(k)
  • Full service brokerage accounts for stocks, bonds, CD’s, mutual funds and money markets with check-writing and/or debit card, through First Allied Securities Inc., our broker/dealer partner

We also can make referrals to knowledgeable legal, tax and financial advisors related to:

  • Legal clearing and financing of restricted securities, Non-qualified options and Isis
  • Design and implementation of corporate retirement plans
  • Evaluation and design of estate transfer strategies including Family Limited Partnerships
  • Design of tax-efficient charitable gifting strategies including Family Foundations
  • Analysis and design of estate replacement and business transfer alternatives
  • Structured settlements for catastrophically injured
  • Tax planning, accounting and other tax needs