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Strategic Money Managers

Anchor Capital Advisors LLC was founded in 1983 and the firm serves institutions and individuals via traditional separately managed accounts. The cornerstone of their value-oriented investment philosophy is to attempt to achieve attractive portfolio returns over time by seeking to invest in those securities which they believe are undervalued, have moderate downside risk, and a high probability of above average return.

Brandes Investment Partners is a leading traditional investment advisory firm, managing equity and fixed income assets for institutional and private clients worldwide. Since their inception in 1974, they have applied the value investing approach to security selection pioneered by Benjamin Graham. Among the first investment firms to bring a global perspective to value investing, they manage a variety of investment strategies.

Calamos Investments is a tactically-oriented diversified investment firm offering equity, fixed-income, convertible and alternative investment strategies, among others. With roots dating back to 1977, the firm serves institutions and individuals via separately managed accounts and a family of open-end and closed-end funds, providing a risk-managed approach to capital appreciation and income-producing strategies. Their specialty is in the stock/bond hybrid arena of convertible securities.

Tactical Money Managers

Steben & Company, Inc. is an investment advisory firm offering multi-manager managed futures funds. Since 1989, Steben has provided financial advisors, institutions and individual investors with the specialized expertise, advice and investment vehicles needed to understand, evaluate and access managed futures. As a general partner of numerous managed futures funds, they are responsible for the selection of futures trading advisors, for the ongoing monitoring of manager performance and for the overall operations of sponsored funds.

CMG Asset Management - The CMG Opportunistic All Asset Strategy is a quantitative investment strategy that analyzes a broad universe of investments to determine a portfolio allocation with the goal of generating positive returns over multiple market cycles.  The portfolio construction process utilizes proprietary mathematical and technical indicators to identify investments with emerging price trends across asset classes and market sectors. The portfolio is typically comprised of up to 11 positions that are designed to serve as an active risk managed solution versus traditional buy-and-hold equity investing.