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WIA BELIEVES | 8 Lessons A Decade After The Crash

WIA BELIEVES | 8 Lessons A Decade After The Crash

| March 20, 2018

Nearly a decade has passed since the collapse of the global financial markets, a period marked by massive government bailouts, mass layoffs, and the failure of some of the world’s biggest and most influential financial institutions, starting with Bear Stearns in March 2008.

But like all trials and tribulations, there were valuable lessons to be learned from the global financial crisis. As the market crash of 2008 nears its 10th anniversary later this year, institutional money manager Oppenheimer's portfolio managers and thought leaders share eight lessons investors can take away from one of the most difficult periods the markets have ever endured.

I particularly find value in observations #1 - "Life goes on...", #5 - "Think globally and invest actively", #7 - "Manage YOUR risk", and finally, #8 - "Be confident in YOUR plan".